Ultimate pullups training

The Test

Pullup test is an inseparable part of the programme. The test ensures that you train in the cycle matching your fitness level.

  • You absolutely have to do the test before you start the programme, to see which cycle you should start with.
  • You will have to repeat the test after every training cycle to see if you cam move to the next cycle or repeat the current one or maybe jump a few cycles up.

Before you start the test make sure that there aren't any medical reasons for you to not train. If you have any doubts consult your doctor.

The test

This test is really simple. You just do as many pullups as you can. It's just as easy.

One thing you shout remember is to do the pullups correctly. Don't cheat yourself. The test will help you choose the apporpriate training cycle. If you choose incorrectly, the results won't be as good as they could.

If you do the test correctly you will be absolutely exhausted. You will not able to do another pullup at all. But be careful – overworking your body may lead to an injury and can interrupt your training, do do not exaggerate either.

Remember to rest before and after the test for at least 2 days. Don't do the test immediately after finishing a cycle and don't jump to another cycle straight after the test either. Too intensite trainig slows down the growth of muscles and in some situations can completely stop it. Remember to give your muscles rest after every session. Remember to warm up – stretching, swings, etc. will be really helpful.

Test results  

During the test you count only these pullups during which you managed to raise your chin above the pullup bar. You also don't count the last pullup which you didn't do completely.

This test will help you decide which cycle to choose.

After each training cycle, the amount of pullups you can do will rise and you will change cycles to more and more advanced ones. You will achieve 30 or even 50 pullups in no time.

Good luck!